Jay Wolfe Body Shop Northland runs a scam

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After my accident I took my car to the Jay Wolfe Body Shop in Northland and it was my biggest mistake.The manager (Sean) there is the most pathetic guy.

They delievered the car 2 weeks late than the scheduled. The reason I was told was because of a part re-order, but such a part was never listed in the estimate. After I got the car there are still problems with it, which they refuse to look at and file the supplement with insurance.

Now luckily my insurance agreed for me to take second opinion from different shop and submit the supplement.This guy sEan now doesnt take my calls ands tries to blame this defects as general bad timing and not sue to the accident.

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Jay Wolfe, Ballwin, bait and switch in writing.

Tyler, Texas 0 comments

Requested price quote from Internet sales person,in Ballwin on a Camry LE with a sunroof on more than one occasion over a two week period. Now, that I am ready to buy, states he did not know I wanted a Sunroof and he did not understand the email requesting price on a 2011 Camry LE, with a Sunroof. How hard is it Camry, LE, Sunroof?

Made two offers to the internet manager on the car, after 7 days, I still do not have a quote or car that I can go to the bank with.

If Jay Wolfe, requests contact with customer service, why is the number not provided with the request?

I will attempt to contact customer service, but I think this dealership is not where I want to do business.

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Jay Wolfe - Higher than sticker price on window!!!!

Saint Louis, Missouri 1 comment
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Complete scam. I live in the St Louis area and saw a car on ebay classifieds. Contacted them and told them I had a certain car for trade and wanted to know if financially the deal would work depending on seeing the cars firsthand.

Stephanie told me that they would have to see the car but would consider the deal I put together. Insisted that I bring my car in. Finally I gave in and they took my keys and they disappeared.

Told me the ebay pricing and pricing on the front window of the car was wrong. It was really 3K higher but they would honor that price if I bought the car today. Low-balled my trade in and wanted me to pay sticker on the car.

Horrible Horrible way to do business....

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Jay Wolfe :eek they lost my buisness, wouldn't buy from them if they had a cheaper price. will not help to support their *** sales force :(

Jay Wolfe Acura means great service.

Des Moines, Iowa 2 comments

The service department is Jay Wolfe Acura's best sales asset.I bought my RL used from Jay Wolfe Acura and was treated great by Ernest.

I have experienced unusual mechanical issues with my RL. Dan, the service manager, and his team have worked hard to fix the car. I am not happy about the car's lack of reliability, but pleased how they stand behind their product. I am in Iowa and they sent a car porter to get my car and give me a loaner.

This level of service isn't received everywhere.

Very happy with Jay Wolfe.

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Phil is a ***


i think this guy is lying.

Jay Wolfe - Jay-Wolfe Toyota Ballwin, Mo REFUSED to sell 09 & LIED to sell 08

Boston, Massachusetts 3 comments
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Jay Wolfe Toyota in Ballwin, Mo have the WORST customer service ever.I love Toyota but I will never buy from Jay Wolfe again.

They refused to let me purchase an '09 that was on the lot because they wanted to sell their '08s.

The manager was horribly rude. When I told him he couldn't refuse to sell the car, I had the cash. He said, "I can do what I want, I'm the manager". I've never seen any more shady business practice.

They will cheat you anyway they can.

If you want Toyota, go somewhere else.

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ewd go away if you are not a shill for the jay wolfe org sent out to put out fires anybody that lives in mo knows jay wolfe org blows dog and they are a gyp joint. I recommend anybody that thinks about doing business with JAY WOLFE look them up they will find their gyp trails a mile long go away ewd u shill


who is this *** one of the jay wolfe salesmen?Jay wolfe toyota can suck it?

wouldn't buy from them based on this *** and ewd can lick the sweat off the back of my nuts!!!ha ha


sir it is a free country why did you buy an 08 if you didn't want an 08 their are a lot of other Toyota dealers in town I think you are just a person that will never be pleased you are incorrect that the manager had to sell you the car maybe you were not be reasonable about the price you offered I don't know the 09 might of been out of your price range that's not the managers fault that the 08 is what you can afford I've bought several cars from this organization it sounds like. to me that maybe your pride was hurt because you couldn't afford what you wanted that's not their fault don't bash them because of. your pride maybe you should be more prepared next time you go buy another car but the person in the wrong is you not the dealership or maybe your just an *** that is not happy with yourself and needs to take it out on an easy target a car dealership did you ever call the dealerships general manager and tell him about your experience or were you just a *** and put it on this blog people like you make want to puke you probably get pushed around at work and by your wife so writing something like this gives your some power and a sense of being in control do everyone a favor and quit writing *** post like this about a good company in parting I have a name for people like you simply you are a *** who has nothing else better to do surf some *** or something you miserable ***

Bait and hook at Jay Wolfe

Olathe, Kansas 1 comment

We also had a very rude incident-and one that could be considered fraud as well. On Monday April 21, I found an online ad for a Volvo at Jay Wolfe Nissan, called the "online" sales person, Sarah, to make sure the car was still for sale and at the lot. (It was a 50 mile drive )

She assured me it was.

Upon arrival we were met with the salesman on duty in the lot and explained why we were there. He knew the Volvo had been sold without even checking his records and told us so. We asked for Sarah and he went inside to tell her we had arrived.

To make a long story short, Sarah would not meet with us, I had to go inside the offices myself to ask if I could speak with a manager and Mike Ahern said he was an assitant manager and had heard about my problem. (so why did I sit outside all alone waiting)

Apparently the internet gal didn't verify the car was on the lot before we drove fifty miles. I expained that to her. She also said she didn't have my phone number or she would have called me when she found out. (A modern dealership sales team with no caller ID available to them?)

Bottom line . .. internet sales person never did make the trip out of her office to apologize for the day we took off. The assistant sales manager missed a golden opportunity to turn vinegar into wine by asking the age old sales question . . what can we do to make you a happy customer.

Instead, he tried to talk me into a black Jetta conveniently sitting where we parked, then he explained they had another Volvo in their system for $5,000 more. Of course I was interested, but he then explained the car was $17,500 and they were into it for $17,000 so they couldn't take any less. Take it or leave it and he walked me to my car. He never apologized for the mistake.

Here's the kicker. That ad is till up today four days after the car was "sold". I run an internet business for horsetrailers with 10,000 trailers online and I can tell you it takes us seconds to delete or mark sold an ad when brought to our attention.

Review about: Acura Tl.



Absolutely, Jay Wolfe, Toyota will bait and hook.Current inventory for prius checked on line-11 on the lot per internet.

Called dealer and asked how many on lot-coming into see all 11. Actually had one one the lot.

Worked with internet manager for 14 days. Price quoted one car-backed out of it.

Do yourself a favor.

Leave Jay Wolfe out of negotiations.They do not even honor their own quotes.

Jay Wolfe Nissan Stole from Me

Hazelwood, Missouri 3 comments
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I took my Nissan Murano to Jay Wolfe Nissan for repair work under warrany.While it was there, someone took the cargo organizer out of the back rear trunk area (along with my jumper cables and tools that were in it), and apparently decided to keep it.

I didn't notice until several weeks later when I went digging in the trunk for the jumper cables to help out another motorist. When I brought it to the service manager's attention, he refused to accept responsibility, claiming it must have been someone else that took it. But he offered to re-sell me the part (probably mine) for $132 dollars! Now I'm out at least $250 with the cost of the cargo organizer and contents and am apparently supposed to believe that fairies took it!

What a bunch of scam artists! To top it off the warranty work they did was terrible.

Even though it's the closest dealership to my house, I won't be going back --theives and liars do not get my business!

Review about: Nissan Murano.



They are worthless.No wonder they went out of business.

Glad they did.They deserved it!!


Jay Wolfe Nissan does horrible service work, i have had a tire pressure light on since the day i drove off the lot on and off, couldnt fix problem, had molding replace and it didnt match my cars paint, and an inspection i had done, something happened when the mechanic was putting the sticker on the window, had to go to the hospital, never put sticker on window and when the said they had it they put this paper in my window with blood on it! come on!!!

Navasota, Texas, United States #18801

I agree they do horrible warranty work

Jay Wolfe Acura - Kansas City - Insulting experience

Overland Park, Kansas 2 comments
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I am in the market looking for an Acura car and recently had communication with a Jay Wolfe Acura salesperson. This salesperson had previously invited me over to the dealership to negotiate a price lower than what he had quoted in his email. At the showroom, we could not agree on a price because he did not want to change his price from the price he quoted in the email (tricked me to come into the showroom). A few days later I wrote him an email with my offer and here is his reply:

Email start -----------------

We've already been over this, our bottom line price is our bottom line price, and not a penny left. I thought I made that clear to you when you were here wasting our time for so long on a saturday. If your ready to come up to our number, we'd love to have you as a customer. If not, I understand, but please don't insult the Acura brand with more ridiculous offers, thank you...

Russell Sparks


Internet Sales

Jay Wolfe Acura


Toll Free: 1-800-655-1403

Email end ----------------------------------

Who treats a potential customer this way? A dealer is supposed to show cars and provide test drives. How can that be called a waste of time? If this is their attitude towards someone who did not agree to their price, I am glad I did not give them my business. I am very angry with their attitude and will never buy a vehicle from them again. I have bought vehicles many times before but have never been insulted like this. If possible, avoid this dealership if you do not want to be treated like this.

Review about: Acura Tl.



Lying about inventory and incorrect price quotes mean nothing at Jay Wolfe/Ballwin.

Be careful of forced financing and the hardsell extended warranty.

Run don't walk away from this dealership.

Google the top dealership scams, Jay Wolfe wrote the book.

Tried to go to customer service, general management, corruption and the same tactics found all the way up.

Stole my business from another dealer and did not honor the price quoted. In the meantime, someone bought the car at the other dealer.


I hope you walked far, far away.Jay Wolfe internet managers are educated, skilled, and trained to bait and trick.

Tried to get me to drive a 7 hour round trip by tricking me on price, but needed to see my trade. However, when I took the trade out of the deal, price of car went way above what high KBB, Black book and NADA would price my car combined.

If you do deal with anyone at Jay Wolfe have your guard up.They do not even honor their own price quotes.

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